Sunday, June 28, 2009

Black or White

re-org my nail polish stash last nite
mama screamed when she finally realised tat i hv a lot of bottles
so now, i wont b getting new polishes for e time being
but e nail art continues!!

kekeke... & i finally hv my own nail toolbox
& e toolbox is in one of my fav colours too!! =)
all my nail art materials are now all "under 1 roof"
quite pleased with tis toolbox!

todae's nail art is my own tribute to Michael Jackson
when mama called on friday morn to tell me tat he passed away
i still thot tat she was joking with me

its not tat i'm a MJ fan
sure i lk some of his songs
& wld read abt e latest news & gossip abt him
*sometimes getting really amused by it all*

but its tat e passing of an icon lk him is unexpected, shocking & a tragedy

based todae's nail art on one of MJ's songs: Black or White
black & white are colours of mourning
black is a colour tat i associate with rock star cool
& well... black & white is also another way i remember MJ (his dramatic skin colour chg)

a swatch of OPI A36 Happy Anniversary 1st
tis is 2 coats
a very sheer colour
nt likely tat i will wear tis colour on its own
its more a polish to layer with

& tis is my nail art for todae,
OPI A36 Happy Anniversary (bottom colour)
Faceshop BK901 (middle greyish tone with glitter)
TINS 025 the Saturn
black rhinestones in various sizes
& silver metal beads

hope it'll last thru e H1N1 screening procedures tmr in sch
*sigh... hv to b in full protective gear tmr since i'm in-charge of taking temperatures*


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