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Beijing Day 3: Crappy hotel & Crappy weather

finally back at work todae
its e sch hols, so there arent much ppl ard
well… hv work to do lah
but its really super boring lor
& I’m still in a holiday mood =P
*actually got down to typing a draft of tis post while at work! sshhhh….*

kekeke… & must confess
1st day back at work after beijing
& already i feel like gg for another holiday!! =P

day 3 of our beijing trip
& e most pek chek day in our trip

when we woke up tat morning, it was already pouring
so we decided tat given e weather, we mgt as well jus fit in shopping
hence, we decided to head over to e shopping district Wang Fu Jing
but before tat, we had to chk outta Gu Xiang 20
& chk into Tang Yue Hotel
when we first arrived at Tang Yue Hotel
we were wow-ed by e funky hotel décor
as u cn see from e pics, it looks quite retro
we were even amazed at e room design lor
toilet n bathtub were only separated from e sleeping area by a sliding glass door (which isn’t opaque by e way) & a curtain for ur modesty

at 1st, we were wow-ed
but then little signs started to show up
1st while carrying our luggage up e flight of stairs
(yep, no lifts. fyi, none also at Gu Xiang 20)
we noticed large blankets covering e basement flr
later we realised it was cos e roof was leaking from e heavy rains!!

then later while Gerry was trying to adjust e air-con temp
e remote died
so did e air-con
nvm, we thot
lets go out 1st, then when we return, we shall try again
unfortunately when we returned, we were semi-drenched from e rain& e air-con still didn’t work
so they gave us another room

which looked as if no one had bothered to come in to clean for 10 years!!

e carpet looked as if no amt of vacuuming wld ever bring it back to its former glory

didn’t dare to adjust e shades over e misery square window
cos they looked like they wld fall off e ceiling anytime

there was no bathtub tis time round
instead it was a shower area
which looked as if it was a perfect spot for moss, algae, n all those other wonderful stuff to germinate
& germinate well…

tiles in e toilet-cum-shower area were broken

couch in e corner of e room looked as if someone had clambered all over it
in their dirtiest shoes

dun even wanna talk abt their beds
or e dead bug & some other unidentifiable object tat we found on Gerry’s bed

by e time we got to e fly tat was busying making its rounds in e room
we were jus tired & frustrated

lets jus say tat we were resigned to spending e nite there
i refused to shower & chg
only washed my feet n face
& slept in my rain-drenched clothes tat nite
we even spread our old clothes on e pillow before we slept
of cos we didn’t even bother with e blankets

tat nite, Gerry also tried to chk her emails on e computer provided in e lobby
at first we were blocked from accessing hotmail & gmail
so we approached e nite-shift receptionist for help
lets jus say tat e guy was “sooooo helpful”
i wonder why he even bothered to get up from his seat behind e counter

we were supposed to stay in Tang Yue Hotel for 3 nights

well, immediately chk-ed out e nxt morning
walked over to Hotel Kapok which is rite nxt to Tang Yue Hotel
& extended our reservation for our last hotel for an extra nite as well
*hmmm…. wonder if Hotel Kapok receives a lot of last-min travellers like us*

many many many thks to Gerry’s fren who helped us made all those last-min hotel changes!

& to e ppl over at Tang Yue Hotel
ur rooms DO NOT justify e room prices reflected on e electronic counter on ur lobby wall
ur place is jus an absolute disaster!!

all rite, so I’ve already done e beginning & e end of Day 3
so let’s get to e middle parts
which actually isn’t much also

as i said earlier,
given e weather, we went shopping ard Wang Fu Jing
was more like window shopping thou
e shopping centres tat we went into was a little like Paragon
so most of e stuff were quite pricey
but otherwise, nothing much exciting really

Gerry spotted 2 bags tat she liked
while I had my eye on a pair of shoes
but in e end we didn’t get anything

oops… amendment
Gerry didn’t get anythg
got myself my 3rd & last bottle of nail polish from Beijing
(e earlier 2 bottles were purchased at Nan Luo Gu Xiang, where I suspect I got short-changed)

there was also tis particular shop tat we went into & tried out some of their clothes
but a bit put off by e over-whelmingly zealous service
they were either asking us questions abt sg, trying to make overly flattering remarks or praises abt wat we took to try or trying to push some other top or bottom onto us for us to try
shld see their faces when we both decided tat we weren’t getting anythg at all
well… some of e clothes were nicebut jus not worth e price on e label
it stopped raining for a short period so we also went to Tiananmen Square
but once we were there, it started raining cats & dogs again
so all my pics of e famous Tiananmen Square aren’t very well-shot
was trying to make sure in one hand, tat my beloved bright pink umbrella doesn’t fly away in e strong winds
while e other hand was trying to get e best camera angle under e brolly
despite e strong winds & heavy rains
security was still abundant over at Tiananmen Square
in e underpass on e way to Tiananmen, our bags were screened & checked
e entire Square was barricaded with only selected exit gates
security tents, police cars & policemen were all over e place
even their posts are loaded with security cams

our beijing trip happened to coincide close to the June 4 Tiananmen Anniversary
heh… even before we left for beijing, my bro had already warned me abt wearing white if visiting Tiananmen
dun agree with wat was done
but tink if not for e rain & bitter cold,
wld hv been more awed tat i’m standing where a very significant historical event took place

in e end, we abandoned Tiananmen Square halfway
cos e rain was just too heavy

Gerry says nxt time, she’ll bring raincoats instead
e only really really wonderful thg on Day 3 was dinner
we went to tis place tat was recommended by Gerry’s fren
*again, many many many thks!*

Li Qun Roast Duck
its located at such a ulu-baluku place hor
tat if we didn’t hv e directions from Gerry’s fren,
we wld prob nv hv found it
Li Qun is tis quaint little place tat looks a little dilapidated

from its looks, u wld nv hv guess tat its being nominated for best dining 2009
& it won some awards as well too!!
there were several Caucasians ard
which isn’t surprising since e place is also featured in e guidebooks
plus e place also prob came recommended from hotel concierges
cos we heard tis grp of ang moh tourists quoting “Ni hao! Novotel?”

& from e pics on their walls, they hv had quite a no of famous ppl in for their roast duck as well
there was HK action star Jet Li, HK actress Zhou Hai Mei, as well as several politicians & ambassadors including our neighbouring Malaysia’s former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad!!
upon entering, u will b greeted by e traditional fiery stove where e ducks are being roasted
here, if u wanna order e duck, it has to be a full bird, no half or quarters
was afraid tat we wldnt b able to finish one entire duck on our own
so we ended up only ordering e roast duck & e corn n egg soup

was only 2 simple dishes
but it made us 2 very happy & full girls!!
mayb it was also cos e entire day seemed cold & crappy
so e meal was really welcomed
really loved their peking duck
esp their brown sauce! a very traditional taste!
*even Gerry noticed me putting tons of e sauce* =P
e duck slices were thick as well & e skin nicely roasted
we saw tis table of 2 tourist who actually removed all e roasted skin!!
can understand tat some are health conscious lar
but man…. i wld tink its an insult to e chef lor
esp since e skin is part of e peking duck’s charm & signature!!

then e corn & egg soup
*sigh* was one of e best corn & egg soup i’ve ever tasted
sweet & thick, loaded with corn pieces & egg
tis pic is of e chef slicing up our duck
basically, e chef’s supposed to present u with e duck tat u ordered before slicing it up
tink e guy cant do English very well
but still wanted to let his foreign customers know tat their duck is almost ready
so he went ard saying “ark”…

ok, super long post
kekeke…. tis is wat happens when u’re bored in office
& hv some spare time to draft a blog post



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