Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beijing! Beijing!

1st, e mani tat i decided to wear to beijing
well, i didnt do a very gd job with tis
only packed last-min on friday nite
so by e time i was done, it was already 11 plus at nite
n i had an early flight to catch
so in my haste, i made e blunder of all nail blunders
i used topcoat as my basecoat!! *how dumb rite*
by e time i realised, it was too late to chg or do anythg...

of cos, tat being e case
i didnt expect e mani to last
but i also didnt expect it to chip immediately e nxt day!
so i only hv 1 pic of it to show,
hahaha... somemore is take at airport one while waiting for dear Gerry
is a pity lor cos its really a pretty duochrome
n e pic i hv doesnt show e colour well at all cos it was taken inside e airport early morning
was actually gg to take more of it when i get e beijing sun
but well, e mani didnt even last till then....
anyway after some thots abt e colour
finally decided on OPI B23 Fireflies
stayed away from red, even thou its a very significant chinese colour
cos was thinking tat if it doesnt last,
then red chipped nails wld b really obvious n ugly
*thk god for tat decision, else i'll hv really ugly nails in all my Beijing photos*

so i ended up with Fireflies cos i thot tat e colour reminded me of e mystical Chinese dragons (nt e kind tat's featured in Harry Potter & Inkheart, etc)
in e ancient times, yellow was a colour tat only e emperor cld wear
yellow was e colour of e dragon, & e emperor is also known as e son of e dragon

OPI Fireflies is a pretty duochrome
part rose, part champagne gold
e only thg abt tis colour is again, it mgt not suit some asian skintones
in fact, halfway thru e trip, Gerry did say tat e colour started to look grubby on my toes & i agree with her
not sure if its cos my skin got tanned n browned from all e sun, thus dun look gd
or if cos of wear n tear, & e colour got faded
or a combi of both

kekeke... was supposed to b abt beijing rite
anyway, Day 1 in beijing wasnt anythg much lah
cos by e time we arrive, check into hotel was almost dinner time n then rest
thou i spotted a couple of thgs tat amused me

arrive at beijing airport

check tis out!
they have toilet covers!
i hvnt even seen any in sg before lor

kekeke... tis one i found it funny lar
didnt know lock toilet door is for convenience
always thot its a must to lock door since i dun wan anyone to peep while i'm in e loo

& e airport is so huge tat from arrival to collect luggage
we hv to take a mini train!
e train reminded me of e LRTs we hv in sg

checking in at e Gu Xiang 20 Hotel
i was a bit tired from e flight
so only took tis one of e hotel tat day
but i will share more abt tis hotel in e nxt beijing post
i loved e bed tat they gave us
had e very-old-chinese-bed look, love it!!
but was quite funny lar
cos we booked for 2 single beds
but as u can see from photo, it wasnt 2 single beds
in e end, e hotel staff came to separate e 2 beds for us
so e beds ended up being outside of e bed frame...

we walked a little around e shops near our hotel
n i saw tis cute little pouch tat made me laugh

then our 1st dinner in beijing!
we had our dinner at a place tat we saw near our hotel
actually took a pic of e place but e pic file was corrupted so sorry ppl
dun even hv pic of e place to show u

i was stunned when i saw tat all their utensils were sealed up de
Gerry share with me tat its quite a common practice in some of e eating places there

kekeke... i got too excited with e food n forgot to take until i started eating lar
note k, i'm not sure if i shld say grilled or bbq-ed
but i think u shld get e drift how e food is cooked
we had grilled golden mushrooms (jin zhen gu)
was quite nice but Gerry & i cldnt exactly figure out wat was e skin/thg tat they wrapped e mushrooms in...

grilled chicken wings
which was really gd
we noticed tat almost every table had ordered e chicken wings
so we also order lor
*which was a really gd decision*

& finally e main dish
a huge grilled fish soaked in chilli
it was really huge lor!
was scared tat we wont b able to finish
but kekeke, e fish was jus too gd lar
so tat's it for Day1
as i said earlier, nothing much really happened on Day 1...


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