Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Search is on for OPI DC colours

Day 3 of temperature screening in my sch
i hv a migraine going on...
am sooooo tired from all e work & processes =(
honestly, i dun mind e work really, we all need to do our part to be socially responsible & as long as e kids are protected, safe & healthy
but man... i am pissed with those who make it a chore

anyway e lethargy didnt stop me from going ard to source for nail polishes *kekeke* tink i'm a certified polish addict now!!! =P

someone dropped a note to say tat there is tis little shop tat carries a few DC OPIs
so i flew down after work yesterdae jus to check it out

was a wee bit disappointed thou, cos e colours tat i wan arent there
in e end, only picked up a few bottles cos i was really too tired to hang ard to consider more

from left to right:
Vodka & Caviar, Glamour Game, DS Exclusive, DS Shimmer, At your Quebac & Call, Upfront & Personal x2 (e other is for my fren estben)


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