Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nokia Inspiration

there's been a case recently that has me feeling angry, sad n tired in almost equal measures
had to go to the hospital for e past 2 days
n there is a lot of documentation done n yet to b done still
i'm jus gg to say tis n stop here:
there are times when it is e parents who need to b punished, not e child

thk goodness i went to e sinseh on monday
wldnt hv had e time to do so otherwise with e case happening on wed
was expecting a lot of pain at e sinseh actually *imagining screaming n cursing*
but ended up i was more occupied with e burning lotion he used!
n i had to go home with tis huge patch on e shoulder!
biggest one i ever kena lor! A4 size!
took a pic of it jus to remind myself to b careful nxt time

anyway was already not feeling at 100%
then e pole injury
n now tis emotionally draining case
i jus clnt take it todae n went home to rest halfway thru work

n tis is jus e thg to perk up my day *big big grinz*

my OPI Paris Couture For Sure n How to Jamaica Million!
sooo happieee!!! yiippee!!
*kekeke* well, e extra bottle of Jamaica's for sale
cant wait to play with them

n last thg for e blog todae, my new set of nail art
i did my nails last nite
even thou i didnt hv much time n energy as i reached home pretty late fr e hospital
cos i jus had to do somethg to make myself feel betta

purposely took with my hp tis time
as well as a pic of e hp screen to show e inspiration =P
cos after all e frantic phone calls n sms-es over e past 2 days
i decided to pay tribute to my hp
altho my batt did die abruptly halfway thru in e hospital on day1
was inspired by e palm wallpaper i hv on
so attempted to transfer it to my nails
there's a dragonfly in e screen-saver version
but lk i said no time n energy so didnt dare attempt to draw it in


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