Friday, May 1, 2009

My 1st post!

i'm into nail art recently & started surfing ard, tat's when i got inspired by all e blogs I see
so here i am, my 1st blog & 1st post
well, i hvn't exactly decided abt wat e blog's gg to b abt
but i guess for e moment, nails and pole dance are prob gg to figure prominently for a while since they're e current faves =)

oh well, lets jus see how thgs develop...
so here's my 1st pic =P

well, was supposed to b rushing out an assignment todae which was officially due yest
(heck! as long as i can pass)
but i woke up tis morn with an urge to chg my nail pattern
so i ditched e assignment momentarily (ok, mayb it took longer than i thot) and did my nails

besides, its a PH!!
a gal can take a break rite *wink*

nails were done using Orly Bare Rose (base colour), OPI St Petersburgundy 4 e tips, OPI Heart to Resist & of cos, some rhinestones thrown in

i must say, OPI Heart to Resist is one of the hardest to apply nail polish i own
took me a long time to get all those hearts outta e bottle & i tried all sorts of ways too! Love e end result thou *grinz* & i can't wait for e pink hearts to arrive so i can try out a pink version!

heh! and i must say, it isn't easy to get my hands on tat precious OPI Be Mine You're Fine
all thks to a grp of nail polish "addicts" i came to know recently in a forum *hugz*
in a fast n furious stream of posts & calls to e various Metro branches, we managed to secure our loots (was e last 5 bottles!!)
kinda smug abt it too actually cos there's still alota babes out there who trying to get their hands on a bottle!!


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