Sunday, May 31, 2009

I've Got e Blues

last day of May 2009
am counting down to 6 June now
cos i'm gg on a trip to Beijing with my dear dear fren Gerry!!
n possibly a 1-day detour to BKK!! *more shopping*
YAY!! hvnt travelled for a few yrs already
so i'm really looking forward to e trip

jus need to get thru e 1 WEEK of sch meetings *SIGH*
n i'm outta here!!!
hee... so excited

anyway back to nail business
same thg happened again
got too many new bottles to try out
spent 30 mins trying to decide wat colour n wat design
still hv no guts to do a diff colour for each finger
i hv tis thg abt stuff being matched or co-ordinated
ABSOLUTELY cant stand ppl who walk out of their homes in mis-matched fashion *SORE EYES!!*

oh... n another side note
realised a pattern to my nail blogging
i'll b doing my nails on sat after pole
*kekeke... less chance of mani-pedi being scratched n scraped*
n usually i'll spend more time on e sat mani with e rhinestones, crystals n wat nt

then i'll prob do another chg in e week after wed pole prac
linna mentioned during class yesterdae tat jitterbugs will b shifting soon
hopefully when they shift, there'll b new pole prac slots
cos i really HATE e timing jitterbugs has now for pole prac
its jus TOO LATE
esp since i need to get to work at sch hours =(

oops... side note in a side note
hahahaha, ok then back to e 1st side note

as i was saying, i'll do another chg mid-week
n usually tis one b a simpler design
n e pics for e mid-week manis will b taken at nite
so pardon e diff qualities of e pics posted k

all rite so here's my new weekend mani =)

after much deliberation
ended up with OPI DS Sapphire n Glamour
jazzed it up with various shades n sizes of blue rhinestones

chk out e holo-ness of e DS series in sunlight
cool rite!

luv e old OPI DS series
lovely colours
great application
no issues with drying time
wonderful bling

dun hv any of e new DS yet
soon... once i've decided i've got wat i like fr e old series then i'll move onto e new ones
dun wanna miss out any of e old ones esp since they're already DC
*again, hear me lamenting tat OPI has tis unfortunate habit of DC-ing e lovely colours*

hv e same 2-tone wave design on my big toes
e rest of e toes are jus in Glamour
didnt see e point in trying to squeeze design on small small toenails
but undecided here whether to bling e big toes as well
can b quite clumsy when i walk la
then if e stones drop off, heart pain...


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