Monday, June 1, 2009

I REALLY have e blues Now *sobz*

hoping tat my latest injury wont put a dent into my hopes of climbing e Great Wall

still hv no idea how it got tis bad
n wat is pissing me off is tat i never get so badly injuried with all e mountain climbing, para-sailing, pole dancing, etc etc etc
but i kena a stupid accident at home
n i hv to get 5 stitches on e goddamn knee?!

ma called for me last nite
and in my hurry to answer ma (was worried cos she wasnt feeling at her best)
i slipped n skidded into e door
n cracked open my left knee

big gaping wound
wat i thot tat was flesh tat i saw was actually e cartilage exposed *according to e doc*
only thg tat i cn count blessings for is its less painful than it actually looks
after e initial impact n pain,
i was actually more worried not cos it was painful but cos it really looked damn disgusting

its all patched up now
but i'm not supposed to bend e knee
so i hv to sit with e leg propped up constantly
which is a bitch of a sitting posture
and obviously no dancing or anythg exciting for a while

at least tis coincided with e trip
so at least i dun hv to miss extra lessons cos of tis dumb injury

n i purposely took a pic of it to remind myself to b extra careful nt to repeat e same thg again
saying my prayers tat i didnt open up any major artery or anythg lk tat

now ma n pa are worried
n urging me not to go for e trip cos they're afraid if anythg happens
i wont b able to take care of myself

dun tink its tat bad
so i'm still gg to go ahead
but was wondering last nite if it was some divine sign...


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