Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pole Pains

hurt myself during pole yesterdae =(
was supposed to b doing a nice bat sit-up fr e flr
but i under-estimated e momentum
n did an awful, un-graceful roll-over instead *arrgh*
tat's prob when i hurt my right shoulder
cant move my right shoulder now without feeling pain fr e neck down
n tis is after tiger balm, yoko-yoko, deep heat n some chinese hearbal plaster thg i got fr mum

*kekeke* didnt stop me fr doing my nails thou
even thou i had to take frequent breaks or sit up really straight
cos otherwise e pain wld come shooting up from back to neck
*sigh... prob hv to skip practice on wed to rest*

AND i gt new loots too!!

got tis batch on tues (19 May)
fr left to right:
Orly Opal Hope, Orly Buried Treasure, OPI Funny Bunny, OPI You Don't Know Jacques!, OPI Lincoln Park At Midnight and OPI DS Diamond
*kekeke* actually the Lincoln Park was a Ebayer request
but i fell in love with e colour when i saw e bottle
so i gt an extra bottle for myself!

n i collected tis batch yesterdae after pole
*again, e after-pole-damage-to-pockets syndrome*
my 1st 2 bottles of Color Club!
was so excited when i got them i kept taking them out while in e train n bus to see!

fr left to right:
Color Club Revvolution, Worth the Risque, China Glaze Visit Me in Prism and He's Going in Circles
a bit disappointed abt e CG Visit Me in Prism
e bottle looks a bit pinkish but i was tinking tat it wld b more silverish
will give it a chance thou.... mayb it'll look betta on e nails =P

AND i've placed an order for OPI Paris Couture for Sure as well as OPI How to Jamaica Million!!
never expected to find them actually n at a pretty reasonable price too
had thot tat if i ever came across them, i'll b scalped
including shipping fr US, its abt S$50 plus for 3 bottles (included an extra bottle of Jamaica Million)
now i crossing fingers n toes again praying tat e 3 bottles arrive in gd faith n condition
n if so, i'll b getting more stuff fr tis ebay seller!!

n now, my NOTW
i call tis one Spotted Fun! cos it was really fun playing with e dotting tool
hee hee... tink i'm gg to try out another pattern with e dotting tool soon

tis was done with OPI Funny Bunny as base, Art Club Black for e tips, a no-brand white polish for e dots n rhinestones
had a bit of trouble with e nail glue tis time round for unknown reasons
so pls excuse e yellow bits tat u mgt see

took a pic of e swatch for OPI Funny Bunny before i did e nail art

i kinda like OPI Funny Bunny
its sheer n i needed 4 coats to get it to look decently opaque
but i like it as a nail art base
gave me e impression of those drawing block paper tat we use in school for art lessons
so i like e feeling tat i cn b drawing or creating any design i like =)


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