Monday, May 4, 2009


i'm totally whipped todae
cos of e swine flu tat's going ard globally, there's a lot of precautions tat we had to take in sch
i must hv climbed e most no of steps todae in my entire sch history
but tat's ok actually
i'll jus take it as part of my weight loss plan =P

nah... wat irked me was cos of e surgical gloves tat i kept changing
as well as e numerous hand washing,
my lovely hearts mani was destroyed *sobz sobz*

oh well, another reason to change e nail design
n since e precautions are still going on for a while
i jus did a simple design tis time round
no point wasting my rhinestones n all rite =P

so here's e new one:
OPI russian navy on e thumb, middle n pinky fingers
OPI play till midnight on e ring n index fingers
silver glitter nail art lacquer which my ma bought 4 me @ $1 each only!!

well, i was trying to swatch 4 differences btwn e 2 OPIs
but tink cos photo was taken at nite so e diff isnt very clear
play till midnight actually has a slightly purplish tone to it
while russian navy is a darker navy blue
will prob try out e other blues i hv soon! =)


Pam said...

pretty and very elegant looking

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