Thursday, May 21, 2009

Greater Powers

there are times when u sorta feel tat higher powers are playing pranks with you...

i've been scolding n reminding myself todae tat i shall nt skip anymore yoga class
was putting e last touches to work, n getting all ready so tat i cld pack up n go
AND boss comes around n calls for a meeting.....
dun get me wrong, i dun mind work
its e impeccable timing

then when i finally cn get to go home
e skies decides tat e little part of bedok where i work needs water
lots n lots n lots of water
2nd time tis week tat i got totally drenched even thou i had my loud cheery pink brolly with me

well, in e end, i decided to brighten up by getting more orh ni (aka yam paste)
*kekeke* good thg is e restaurant is walking distance from where i work!
so much for weight management =P

okie... on to e nail stuff
been meaning to post tis but jus cldnt find e time until todae (esp since no yoga)
1st up, new loots which i picked up from SaSa after pole last week
hmmm..... sat after pole seems like a danger time for my pockets

got 6 bottles of these Eleanor glitter polishes
1 bottle for $4.90, buy 2 get 1 free

these bottles reminded me so much of e OPI Japan Anniversary Collection ones tat i just had to grab them

2 types of glitters: 1 in heart shapes (similar to e OPIs) n e other in star shaped glitters
well i tried to take a close up but my camera's unco-operative (or my skills are lousy)
u prob cn jus abt see e heart shaped ones in e green bottle but i dun tink e stars in e silver one are even visible
oh well, jus hv to wait for me to use n then show it off

n finally, my belated NOTW

i call tis set Chocolate Kisses (inspired by fiona who said it looked so chocolate-y)
its done using 4 different polishes n a technique called graduation or gradient

e gradient (from base to tips): OPI Upfront and Personal, TINS 041 The Prestige Champagne and TINS 024 The Pluto

then i added those disco glitter balls to give it an even more bling bling effect
tis one is from Nail Color NK-20

thg to note:
dun bother matching OPI Upfront and Personal with TINS 041
e colours are jus too close n e effects aren't tat obvious unless u look really closely

both Estessimo TINS (tat's e proper full name) n Nail Color are polishes from Japan
TINS is still quite available in sg but some nail salons sell it as high as $30 per bottle!
n its nt even e size of an OPI!
i know tis cos b4 i found my nail resource ppl, i gt 3 bottles at $90 *heart damn pain*

but i really luv TINS
here in sg, TINS is prob more well-known for its amazing range of glitter polishes
i know TINS has some nudes n duochromes but really its their glitters tat catches e eye
well, or at least my eyes
so many lovely shades! then they hv those fine glitters n those with chunkier glitters
n application has been great! no trouble at all!
my only grouse: hate it when i hv to remove them
but then again, i hate removing all glitters tat i've ever tried
i understand from my nail resource ppl tat e supply for TINS is really "tricky" (n tis is a direct quote from one of them!)
i'm not exactly sure wat they mean, but i did notice tat certain colours seem to go OOS very very fast

however, i dun see nail color anymore in sg
i gt my 1 n only bottle at tis franchise shop tat was closing down n pulling out
wasnt exactly sure then, plus i was still poor n juggling my finances a bit
so i only hv tis single bottle
which cn b easily substituted with TINS 004 The Universe
tis set has been quite lasting
or mayb after e fiasco last week, tis feels lasting *kekeke*
but i did tis set on monday
its thursady now n e set still looks good enuff to last till after pole class on sat

oh! oh!
speaking of sat!
i'm gg to collect my 1st 2 colour clubs n china glaze on sat!!
so EXCITED!! cant wait to see n try them out!
*big happy grinz*


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