Thursday, May 14, 2009

Flamin' Lizard!

i dun know wat to say abt todae
one of those days where many thgs happened
none were of great importance
but leaves u feeling tired at e end of e day

and tis must hv been a lousy week for mani
firstly my star none (i'm still upset tat no stars appeared) mani lasted barely 24 hrs!
to my horror, i saw wear n tear and even a chip!
pretty pissed with tis particular polish
tink it'll be banished into some corner of my polish box
n it prob wont see light of e day for some time to come...

well, i didnt hv much time after pole prac yesterday
so i wanted something different than jus a colour
so i dug out this krackpolish to try out

i'm personally ok with e end color
but i know some will find e colour combi quite o-biang
i saw it done in some ang-moh's blog
since it didnt look tat bad, n plus i had a new OPI yellow to test
i thot yellow n red would b cool...

well, dun think i will call it cool
its well, too bright to be cool...

tis is a swatch of OPI Need Sunglasses
horrid to apply, too sheer for my liking n it makes me look jaundiced
i had on 3 coats n its not even near to being opaque
some parts can even still see my nail
tink i'll only save it for nail art purpose

tis is e end result with e krackpolish
my SNO calls it my snake skin nails
i kinda lk e brightness of e end tomato colour actually

but tis only lasted a day
oh well, at least its better than tat damn loreal polish which was less than 24 hrs!
(obviously i'm hung up abt e failed stars n chip)

e topcoat started to crack too n peel!
jus topped up another coat so if wanna maintain tis for a while,
tink will end up with pretty thick nails! LOL!

nvm... always an excuse to chg another pattern =)


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