Monday, May 11, 2009

Failed attempt

haven't pole-d at all tis week & i'm missing e pole!!
will make up for it during wed practice
hopefully e long rest means i'll get some of those moves tat i was struggling with

been spending the past 2 days trying to set up my own blogshop
am now inspired from jus blogging abt those nails to setting up shop
*cross finger AND toes* that tis venture will take off

and here is my nail art for the day

actually i've named this Star None for the simple fact tat i failed miserably
was supposed to hold e polish near a magnet and a star pattern will appear
tis was my 2nd attempt and still NO STARS!! *pek chek arh*

only saving grace was that e grey was quite a nice colour
looked pretty blah in e bottle but it was e only colour left so i jus grabbed one
however, when painted onto the nails and after holding near e damn magnet
it looked like i was wearing satin on my nails

needless to say, i was pretty disappointed tat i didnt get a single star
but it was pretty late into e nite and so i jus decided to bling it with some rhinestones instead of coming up with another colour and design


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