Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blogshop Toughie

i hv newfound respect for all e blog entrepreneurs out there

didnt realise tat setting up a blogshop is such tough work
i'm tired from sourcing, staring at e PC, formatting, calculating n stuff!!
can forsee my nxt few weekends n nites being burnt on tis...
cross fingers n toes tat it'll take off!

decided to take some time out to blog abt my new set of nails
was excited abt my new DS loots ~ all those DC ones somemore!!
now i officially own e old series of DS exclusive, glamour, desire, original, amethyst, vintage, chiffon, shimmer
i've placed an order for diamond too!
now considering whether i wanna get passion, ruby n elegance

*darn wat's e size of e hole in my pocket?*

ok, did tis set on friday nite actually
*sorry abt e blur pic, didnt know y but my hands kept shaking quite badly tat nite*

didnt know which colour to try 1st n i spent at least 10 minutes trying to make a decision
still hv no guts to do a different colour on each nail
ended up with exclusive on my fingers n original on my toes

well i'm not showing my toes cos they're pretty ugly from all e pole dancing injuries =P

i LUV exclusive
a beautiful colour tat suits my skin tone
received tons on compliments on it already n its only sunday now!
those crystal thgs are nail art stickers from e PA jewellery collection

personally i very much prefer actual rhinestones n crystal as compared to stickers
cos stickers jus dun seem to last as long as those stuck on with e nail glue
but i hv tis sinking feeling tat my nails are gg to break soon
in e pic, u cn see e side of e nail on my index finger starting to bend
whenever i see tis, its lk some stupid sign tat my nails are gonna break soon *crap*


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