Sunday, May 17, 2009

A belated Mother's Day celebration

Mother's Day was a week ago but we decided to postpone our dinner celebration a week later as we didnt want to join e huge crowd
but it seemed tat with e place we chose to try out, crowded was somethg tat we had to live with...

we decided to try tis place called Chin Lee Restaurant in Bedok cos of e rave reviews abt its yam paste (aka orh ni)
ma & i luv yam paste tat is well-cooked & nt those from e can
if e orh ni is somethg tat comes fr e can, u will nv see us touch e thg
but if its well-cooked, we can down up to 2 or even 3 bowls

actually we didnt order much tis time
n we sorta stuck to "safe" dishes
cos mama wasnt feeling well n she had little appetite =(
am worried abt mama's health
ever since she fell tat nite, she seemed to hv quite a bit of complications
she said her head was throbbing last nite
n she cldnt take too much of e seafood stuff cos of e xin wei i tink
she has been gg to e doc n hospitals a few times recently n i went with her a few times already cos i'm so worried abt her
hopefully her health will get betta

anyway, i must say Chin Lee was crowded for a reason
there was neither GST nor service charge!
and e food was good too!
i took some photos but got caught up eating n forget most of e time =P
but i did remember to take e much raved abt orh ni *kekeke*

Chin Lee Restaurant
Blk 115 Bedok North Road

Tel: 6449 5454

its tis bustling place jus at e void deck there's no way u cn miss it!

i luv tis appetizer dish
groundnuts n small cubes of beancurd
done perfectly e teochew style
*kekeke* i ended up finishing most of it on my own
bro isnt much on peanuts
mama didnt want to touch anythg to do with nuts tat nite
n pa jus let me hv e whole thg after a few bites

teochew style steamed pomfret
luv e soup!!
sweet n nt oily at all

AND e much raved abt orh ni!!
see e gingko nuts n strips of water chestnut in it
n i actually lk tat tis one has no coconut in it!
a much healthier version n more yummy too!!

todae, mama is feeling much betta she says
n she wants to go back for another round
cos she wants to b more adventurous n try e other teochew signature dishes
yay! more orh ni for me then!!


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