Sunday, May 31, 2009

I've Got e Blues

last day of May 2009
am counting down to 6 June now
cos i'm gg on a trip to Beijing with my dear dear fren Gerry!!
n possibly a 1-day detour to BKK!! *more shopping*
YAY!! hvnt travelled for a few yrs already
so i'm really looking forward to e trip

jus need to get thru e 1 WEEK of sch meetings *SIGH*
n i'm outta here!!!
hee... so excited

anyway back to nail business
same thg happened again
got too many new bottles to try out
spent 30 mins trying to decide wat colour n wat design
still hv no guts to do a diff colour for each finger
i hv tis thg abt stuff being matched or co-ordinated
ABSOLUTELY cant stand ppl who walk out of their homes in mis-matched fashion *SORE EYES!!*

oh... n another side note
realised a pattern to my nail blogging
i'll b doing my nails on sat after pole
*kekeke... less chance of mani-pedi being scratched n scraped*
n usually i'll spend more time on e sat mani with e rhinestones, crystals n wat nt

then i'll prob do another chg in e week after wed pole prac
linna mentioned during class yesterdae tat jitterbugs will b shifting soon
hopefully when they shift, there'll b new pole prac slots
cos i really HATE e timing jitterbugs has now for pole prac
its jus TOO LATE
esp since i need to get to work at sch hours =(

oops... side note in a side note
hahahaha, ok then back to e 1st side note

as i was saying, i'll do another chg mid-week
n usually tis one b a simpler design
n e pics for e mid-week manis will b taken at nite
so pardon e diff qualities of e pics posted k

all rite so here's my new weekend mani =)

after much deliberation
ended up with OPI DS Sapphire n Glamour
jazzed it up with various shades n sizes of blue rhinestones

chk out e holo-ness of e DS series in sunlight
cool rite!

luv e old OPI DS series
lovely colours
great application
no issues with drying time
wonderful bling

dun hv any of e new DS yet
soon... once i've decided i've got wat i like fr e old series then i'll move onto e new ones
dun wanna miss out any of e old ones esp since they're already DC
*again, hear me lamenting tat OPI has tis unfortunate habit of DC-ing e lovely colours*

hv e same 2-tone wave design on my big toes
e rest of e toes are jus in Glamour
didnt see e point in trying to squeeze design on small small toenails
but undecided here whether to bling e big toes as well
can b quite clumsy when i walk la
then if e stones drop off, heart pain...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nokia Inspiration

there's been a case recently that has me feeling angry, sad n tired in almost equal measures
had to go to the hospital for e past 2 days
n there is a lot of documentation done n yet to b done still
i'm jus gg to say tis n stop here:
there are times when it is e parents who need to b punished, not e child

thk goodness i went to e sinseh on monday
wldnt hv had e time to do so otherwise with e case happening on wed
was expecting a lot of pain at e sinseh actually *imagining screaming n cursing*
but ended up i was more occupied with e burning lotion he used!
n i had to go home with tis huge patch on e shoulder!
biggest one i ever kena lor! A4 size!
took a pic of it jus to remind myself to b careful nxt time

anyway was already not feeling at 100%
then e pole injury
n now tis emotionally draining case
i jus clnt take it todae n went home to rest halfway thru work

n tis is jus e thg to perk up my day *big big grinz*

my OPI Paris Couture For Sure n How to Jamaica Million!
sooo happieee!!! yiippee!!
*kekeke* well, e extra bottle of Jamaica's for sale
cant wait to play with them

n last thg for e blog todae, my new set of nail art
i did my nails last nite
even thou i didnt hv much time n energy as i reached home pretty late fr e hospital
cos i jus had to do somethg to make myself feel betta

purposely took with my hp tis time
as well as a pic of e hp screen to show e inspiration =P
cos after all e frantic phone calls n sms-es over e past 2 days
i decided to pay tribute to my hp
altho my batt did die abruptly halfway thru in e hospital on day1
was inspired by e palm wallpaper i hv on
so attempted to transfer it to my nails
there's a dragonfly in e screen-saver version
but lk i said no time n energy so didnt dare attempt to draw it in

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pole Pains

hurt myself during pole yesterdae =(
was supposed to b doing a nice bat sit-up fr e flr
but i under-estimated e momentum
n did an awful, un-graceful roll-over instead *arrgh*
tat's prob when i hurt my right shoulder
cant move my right shoulder now without feeling pain fr e neck down
n tis is after tiger balm, yoko-yoko, deep heat n some chinese hearbal plaster thg i got fr mum

*kekeke* didnt stop me fr doing my nails thou
even thou i had to take frequent breaks or sit up really straight
cos otherwise e pain wld come shooting up from back to neck
*sigh... prob hv to skip practice on wed to rest*

AND i gt new loots too!!

got tis batch on tues (19 May)
fr left to right:
Orly Opal Hope, Orly Buried Treasure, OPI Funny Bunny, OPI You Don't Know Jacques!, OPI Lincoln Park At Midnight and OPI DS Diamond
*kekeke* actually the Lincoln Park was a Ebayer request
but i fell in love with e colour when i saw e bottle
so i gt an extra bottle for myself!

n i collected tis batch yesterdae after pole
*again, e after-pole-damage-to-pockets syndrome*
my 1st 2 bottles of Color Club!
was so excited when i got them i kept taking them out while in e train n bus to see!

fr left to right:
Color Club Revvolution, Worth the Risque, China Glaze Visit Me in Prism and He's Going in Circles
a bit disappointed abt e CG Visit Me in Prism
e bottle looks a bit pinkish but i was tinking tat it wld b more silverish
will give it a chance thou.... mayb it'll look betta on e nails =P

AND i've placed an order for OPI Paris Couture for Sure as well as OPI How to Jamaica Million!!
never expected to find them actually n at a pretty reasonable price too
had thot tat if i ever came across them, i'll b scalped
including shipping fr US, its abt S$50 plus for 3 bottles (included an extra bottle of Jamaica Million)
now i crossing fingers n toes again praying tat e 3 bottles arrive in gd faith n condition
n if so, i'll b getting more stuff fr tis ebay seller!!

n now, my NOTW
i call tis one Spotted Fun! cos it was really fun playing with e dotting tool
hee hee... tink i'm gg to try out another pattern with e dotting tool soon

tis was done with OPI Funny Bunny as base, Art Club Black for e tips, a no-brand white polish for e dots n rhinestones
had a bit of trouble with e nail glue tis time round for unknown reasons
so pls excuse e yellow bits tat u mgt see

took a pic of e swatch for OPI Funny Bunny before i did e nail art

i kinda like OPI Funny Bunny
its sheer n i needed 4 coats to get it to look decently opaque
but i like it as a nail art base
gave me e impression of those drawing block paper tat we use in school for art lessons
so i like e feeling tat i cn b drawing or creating any design i like =)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Greater Powers

there are times when u sorta feel tat higher powers are playing pranks with you...

i've been scolding n reminding myself todae tat i shall nt skip anymore yoga class
was putting e last touches to work, n getting all ready so tat i cld pack up n go
AND boss comes around n calls for a meeting.....
dun get me wrong, i dun mind work
its e impeccable timing

then when i finally cn get to go home
e skies decides tat e little part of bedok where i work needs water
lots n lots n lots of water
2nd time tis week tat i got totally drenched even thou i had my loud cheery pink brolly with me

well, in e end, i decided to brighten up by getting more orh ni (aka yam paste)
*kekeke* good thg is e restaurant is walking distance from where i work!
so much for weight management =P

okie... on to e nail stuff
been meaning to post tis but jus cldnt find e time until todae (esp since no yoga)
1st up, new loots which i picked up from SaSa after pole last week
hmmm..... sat after pole seems like a danger time for my pockets

got 6 bottles of these Eleanor glitter polishes
1 bottle for $4.90, buy 2 get 1 free

these bottles reminded me so much of e OPI Japan Anniversary Collection ones tat i just had to grab them

2 types of glitters: 1 in heart shapes (similar to e OPIs) n e other in star shaped glitters
well i tried to take a close up but my camera's unco-operative (or my skills are lousy)
u prob cn jus abt see e heart shaped ones in e green bottle but i dun tink e stars in e silver one are even visible
oh well, jus hv to wait for me to use n then show it off

n finally, my belated NOTW

i call tis set Chocolate Kisses (inspired by fiona who said it looked so chocolate-y)
its done using 4 different polishes n a technique called graduation or gradient

e gradient (from base to tips): OPI Upfront and Personal, TINS 041 The Prestige Champagne and TINS 024 The Pluto

then i added those disco glitter balls to give it an even more bling bling effect
tis one is from Nail Color NK-20

thg to note:
dun bother matching OPI Upfront and Personal with TINS 041
e colours are jus too close n e effects aren't tat obvious unless u look really closely

both Estessimo TINS (tat's e proper full name) n Nail Color are polishes from Japan
TINS is still quite available in sg but some nail salons sell it as high as $30 per bottle!
n its nt even e size of an OPI!
i know tis cos b4 i found my nail resource ppl, i gt 3 bottles at $90 *heart damn pain*

but i really luv TINS
here in sg, TINS is prob more well-known for its amazing range of glitter polishes
i know TINS has some nudes n duochromes but really its their glitters tat catches e eye
well, or at least my eyes
so many lovely shades! then they hv those fine glitters n those with chunkier glitters
n application has been great! no trouble at all!
my only grouse: hate it when i hv to remove them
but then again, i hate removing all glitters tat i've ever tried
i understand from my nail resource ppl tat e supply for TINS is really "tricky" (n tis is a direct quote from one of them!)
i'm not exactly sure wat they mean, but i did notice tat certain colours seem to go OOS very very fast

however, i dun see nail color anymore in sg
i gt my 1 n only bottle at tis franchise shop tat was closing down n pulling out
wasnt exactly sure then, plus i was still poor n juggling my finances a bit
so i only hv tis single bottle
which cn b easily substituted with TINS 004 The Universe
tis set has been quite lasting
or mayb after e fiasco last week, tis feels lasting *kekeke*
but i did tis set on monday
its thursady now n e set still looks good enuff to last till after pole class on sat

oh! oh!
speaking of sat!
i'm gg to collect my 1st 2 colour clubs n china glaze on sat!!
so EXCITED!! cant wait to see n try them out!
*big happy grinz*

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blogshop Toughie

i hv newfound respect for all e blog entrepreneurs out there

didnt realise tat setting up a blogshop is such tough work
i'm tired from sourcing, staring at e PC, formatting, calculating n stuff!!
can forsee my nxt few weekends n nites being burnt on tis...
cross fingers n toes tat it'll take off!

decided to take some time out to blog abt my new set of nails
was excited abt my new DS loots ~ all those DC ones somemore!!
now i officially own e old series of DS exclusive, glamour, desire, original, amethyst, vintage, chiffon, shimmer
i've placed an order for diamond too!
now considering whether i wanna get passion, ruby n elegance

*darn wat's e size of e hole in my pocket?*

ok, did tis set on friday nite actually
*sorry abt e blur pic, didnt know y but my hands kept shaking quite badly tat nite*

didnt know which colour to try 1st n i spent at least 10 minutes trying to make a decision
still hv no guts to do a different colour on each nail
ended up with exclusive on my fingers n original on my toes

well i'm not showing my toes cos they're pretty ugly from all e pole dancing injuries =P

i LUV exclusive
a beautiful colour tat suits my skin tone
received tons on compliments on it already n its only sunday now!
those crystal thgs are nail art stickers from e PA jewellery collection

personally i very much prefer actual rhinestones n crystal as compared to stickers
cos stickers jus dun seem to last as long as those stuck on with e nail glue
but i hv tis sinking feeling tat my nails are gg to break soon
in e pic, u cn see e side of e nail on my index finger starting to bend
whenever i see tis, its lk some stupid sign tat my nails are gonna break soon *crap*

A belated Mother's Day celebration

Mother's Day was a week ago but we decided to postpone our dinner celebration a week later as we didnt want to join e huge crowd
but it seemed tat with e place we chose to try out, crowded was somethg tat we had to live with...

we decided to try tis place called Chin Lee Restaurant in Bedok cos of e rave reviews abt its yam paste (aka orh ni)
ma & i luv yam paste tat is well-cooked & nt those from e can
if e orh ni is somethg tat comes fr e can, u will nv see us touch e thg
but if its well-cooked, we can down up to 2 or even 3 bowls

actually we didnt order much tis time
n we sorta stuck to "safe" dishes
cos mama wasnt feeling well n she had little appetite =(
am worried abt mama's health
ever since she fell tat nite, she seemed to hv quite a bit of complications
she said her head was throbbing last nite
n she cldnt take too much of e seafood stuff cos of e xin wei i tink
she has been gg to e doc n hospitals a few times recently n i went with her a few times already cos i'm so worried abt her
hopefully her health will get betta

anyway, i must say Chin Lee was crowded for a reason
there was neither GST nor service charge!
and e food was good too!
i took some photos but got caught up eating n forget most of e time =P
but i did remember to take e much raved abt orh ni *kekeke*

Chin Lee Restaurant
Blk 115 Bedok North Road

Tel: 6449 5454

its tis bustling place jus at e void deck there's no way u cn miss it!

i luv tis appetizer dish
groundnuts n small cubes of beancurd
done perfectly e teochew style
*kekeke* i ended up finishing most of it on my own
bro isnt much on peanuts
mama didnt want to touch anythg to do with nuts tat nite
n pa jus let me hv e whole thg after a few bites

teochew style steamed pomfret
luv e soup!!
sweet n nt oily at all

AND e much raved abt orh ni!!
see e gingko nuts n strips of water chestnut in it
n i actually lk tat tis one has no coconut in it!
a much healthier version n more yummy too!!

todae, mama is feeling much betta she says
n she wants to go back for another round
cos she wants to b more adventurous n try e other teochew signature dishes
yay! more orh ni for me then!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Flamin' Lizard!

i dun know wat to say abt todae
one of those days where many thgs happened
none were of great importance
but leaves u feeling tired at e end of e day

and tis must hv been a lousy week for mani
firstly my star none (i'm still upset tat no stars appeared) mani lasted barely 24 hrs!
to my horror, i saw wear n tear and even a chip!
pretty pissed with tis particular polish
tink it'll be banished into some corner of my polish box
n it prob wont see light of e day for some time to come...

well, i didnt hv much time after pole prac yesterday
so i wanted something different than jus a colour
so i dug out this krackpolish to try out

i'm personally ok with e end color
but i know some will find e colour combi quite o-biang
i saw it done in some ang-moh's blog
since it didnt look tat bad, n plus i had a new OPI yellow to test
i thot yellow n red would b cool...

well, dun think i will call it cool
its well, too bright to be cool...

tis is a swatch of OPI Need Sunglasses
horrid to apply, too sheer for my liking n it makes me look jaundiced
i had on 3 coats n its not even near to being opaque
some parts can even still see my nail
tink i'll only save it for nail art purpose

tis is e end result with e krackpolish
my SNO calls it my snake skin nails
i kinda lk e brightness of e end tomato colour actually

but tis only lasted a day
oh well, at least its better than tat damn loreal polish which was less than 24 hrs!
(obviously i'm hung up abt e failed stars n chip)

e topcoat started to crack too n peel!
jus topped up another coat so if wanna maintain tis for a while,
tink will end up with pretty thick nails! LOL!

nvm... always an excuse to chg another pattern =)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Failed attempt

haven't pole-d at all tis week & i'm missing e pole!!
will make up for it during wed practice
hopefully e long rest means i'll get some of those moves tat i was struggling with

been spending the past 2 days trying to set up my own blogshop
am now inspired from jus blogging abt those nails to setting up shop
*cross finger AND toes* that tis venture will take off

and here is my nail art for the day

actually i've named this Star None for the simple fact tat i failed miserably
was supposed to hold e polish near a magnet and a star pattern will appear
tis was my 2nd attempt and still NO STARS!! *pek chek arh*

only saving grace was that e grey was quite a nice colour
looked pretty blah in e bottle but it was e only colour left so i jus grabbed one
however, when painted onto the nails and after holding near e damn magnet
it looked like i was wearing satin on my nails

needless to say, i was pretty disappointed tat i didnt get a single star
but it was pretty late into e nite and so i jus decided to bling it with some rhinestones instead of coming up with another colour and design

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Amazing Nail Art

borrowed some nail art books from e library a couple of days ago
but finally only had e time to browse thru them todae
and OMG!! came across tis one tat i LOVE sooo much!!

Jus had to take a pic since its so amazing!!
*kekeke* and of cos, to try find a nail tech who's able to do tis cos i sure as hell cant do it with my current level of skills!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Layering holo

woo hoo!! i'm in love with DS Shimmer!!
have a feeling its going to b one of my all time fave!!
mayb i shld get an Xtra bottle since its already a DC
Another lovely OPI DC (wonder why OPI discontinues all these lovely shades)

At your Quebec n Call (C90)

Tis is 2 coats of C90 and 1 coat of DS Shimmer
heh! FINALLY a holographic green!!
*hee hee* hv e feeling i'm going to try to holo-graph every other nail polish jus to see e effects!!

Was also asked by frens to swatch DS Vintage

and OPI Go On Green

When i 1st got Go on Green, i wondered why it was thus named
cos there's no way e bottle can b mistaken as green

but when i painted it on, it was an errie blue-green duochrome! Amazing!
i tried taking it from various angles but my camera jus can't capture e effect

tis one needs at least 3 coats for proper coverage thou
wld also prob b great as a layer over darker colours
but i wldn't mind it on its own too

Search is on for OPI DC colours

Day 3 of temperature screening in my sch
i hv a migraine going on...
am sooooo tired from all e work & processes =(
honestly, i dun mind e work really, we all need to do our part to be socially responsible & as long as e kids are protected, safe & healthy
but man... i am pissed with those who make it a chore

anyway e lethargy didnt stop me from going ard to source for nail polishes *kekeke* tink i'm a certified polish addict now!!! =P

someone dropped a note to say tat there is tis little shop tat carries a few DC OPIs
so i flew down after work yesterdae jus to check it out

was a wee bit disappointed thou, cos e colours tat i wan arent there
in e end, only picked up a few bottles cos i was really too tired to hang ard to consider more

from left to right:
Vodka & Caviar, Glamour Game, DS Exclusive, DS Shimmer, At your Quebac & Call, Upfront & Personal x2 (e other is for my fren estben)

Monday, May 4, 2009


i'm totally whipped todae
cos of e swine flu tat's going ard globally, there's a lot of precautions tat we had to take in sch
i must hv climbed e most no of steps todae in my entire sch history
but tat's ok actually
i'll jus take it as part of my weight loss plan =P

nah... wat irked me was cos of e surgical gloves tat i kept changing
as well as e numerous hand washing,
my lovely hearts mani was destroyed *sobz sobz*

oh well, another reason to change e nail design
n since e precautions are still going on for a while
i jus did a simple design tis time round
no point wasting my rhinestones n all rite =P

so here's e new one:
OPI russian navy on e thumb, middle n pinky fingers
OPI play till midnight on e ring n index fingers
silver glitter nail art lacquer which my ma bought 4 me @ $1 each only!!

well, i was trying to swatch 4 differences btwn e 2 OPIs
but tink cos photo was taken at nite so e diff isnt very clear
play till midnight actually has a slightly purplish tone to it
while russian navy is a darker navy blue
will prob try out e other blues i hv soon! =)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shopping Spree!!

i went mad today!! bought myself 9 bottles of OPI polish!! 9!!
OMG!! even rite now i still hv a hard time believing it!!

see my loots =P

well... i had lotsa time after pole class todae waiting for dearest gerry to catch a movie tog
so i thot to head to chinatown n then e central @ clarke quay jalan jalan
ended up busting a big hole in my pocket =P

OPI Polishes from left to right:
Chicago Champange Toast, Teal e Cows Come Home, Go on Green, Fireflies (YES! Finally!), Call My Cell-ery, Pearls Night Out, Russian Navy, Need Sunglasses, Play Till Midnight

i get easily excited when i see nail art materials
then when i got to e central, there was a OPI promo going on!! How could i resist!!

oh well,
i jus hv to survive on grass tis mth...

Friday, May 1, 2009

My 1st post!

i'm into nail art recently & started surfing ard, tat's when i got inspired by all e blogs I see
so here i am, my 1st blog & 1st post
well, i hvn't exactly decided abt wat e blog's gg to b abt
but i guess for e moment, nails and pole dance are prob gg to figure prominently for a while since they're e current faves =)

oh well, lets jus see how thgs develop...
so here's my 1st pic =P

well, was supposed to b rushing out an assignment todae which was officially due yest
(heck! as long as i can pass)
but i woke up tis morn with an urge to chg my nail pattern
so i ditched e assignment momentarily (ok, mayb it took longer than i thot) and did my nails

besides, its a PH!!
a gal can take a break rite *wink*

nails were done using Orly Bare Rose (base colour), OPI St Petersburgundy 4 e tips, OPI Heart to Resist & of cos, some rhinestones thrown in

i must say, OPI Heart to Resist is one of the hardest to apply nail polish i own
took me a long time to get all those hearts outta e bottle & i tried all sorts of ways too! Love e end result thou *grinz* & i can't wait for e pink hearts to arrive so i can try out a pink version!

heh! and i must say, it isn't easy to get my hands on tat precious OPI Be Mine You're Fine
all thks to a grp of nail polish "addicts" i came to know recently in a forum *hugz*
in a fast n furious stream of posts & calls to e various Metro branches, we managed to secure our loots (was e last 5 bottles!!)
kinda smug abt it too actually cos there's still alota babes out there who trying to get their hands on a bottle!!


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