Wednesday, August 27, 2014

These are a Few of my Favourite Things: Coffee, Starbucks and Me

Interestingly, I'm writing this post while trying hard not to drop into sleep.
It is after a long day though.

Heh. Next favourite thing I almost cannot live without: Coffee.
A good friend of mine used to joke that if caffeine ever becomes a banned drug,
I'll happily declare myself an addict and counsellors would have one of their toughest clients.
(We're in the social service sector by the way)
Another offered to find me a caffeine drip
when I was trying to wean myself off a routine of up to 8 cups daily.
A colleague experienced me and my withdrawal symptoms
when we brought some of our youths out on a 5-day Outward Bound camp.
We were out at sea and there was absolutely no coffee to be had.
Not even the 3-in-1 packet kind.
And she joked that it would be the best way to get me out of a job.
Deprive me enough of coffee,
I'll stop functioning.
Nowadays, I'm less addicted.
Most days I'm able to stop at 2 to 3 cups,
and the max I'll go is 4 cups.
I admit though, the only reason why I started weaning myself off was because of a health scare.
My blood pressure actually shot all the way up to above 180.
Of course there were many other factors at that point in time:
crazy working hours, no exercise, lack of sleep plus a diet that was a lot of fast food and late night dinners.
I remembered my doctor had to take my blood pressure at least 3 times that day;
she thought she had a faulty equipment.
The moment my doctor heard about the daily 8 cups though,
she yelled at me. Literally.
So it was time to cut down. I promised.
Having said that, I still need my morning wake-up cup.
And yes, my day is not the same if I don't have a wake-up cup of strong coffee,
but I can deal with it now.
And one of my favourite coffee joints to get my cuppa and breakfast on the way to work:
They do have a pretty decent array of wraps, sandwiches, pies.
I particularly love their beef pie and the egg white, mushroom and cheese wrap.
So in honour of coffee,
I spent an hour digging for these 2 OPIs that had coffee in their names:
Espresso Your Style,
2 coats + HK Girl TC
Los Angeles Latte,
2 coats + HK Girl TC.
And that's not all!
I also did a Starbuck stamping manicure!
Though I have to confess,
I did this one as a rush job in under 45 minutes.
And as you can tell,
I didn't even bother to wait for the stamping to be dry.
I just had to dab on the topcoat and run
even if I knew I'll be in smudge-city.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

These are a Few of my Favourite Things: Little Twin Stars

Firstly, an apology for the abrupt non-posts the past week.
Life got into the way of blogging.
Plus, I realised I lost a lot more photos than I originally thought,
and that really threw me off my blogging schedule.
So, to continue with the earlier theme,
I have something kawaii to show you guys!
I guess if you've been following my blog,
you'll know that I'm a Little Twin Star (aka Kiki and Lala) fan.
One reason why I was excited about my April trip to Japan,
was because I was finally going to step into the land of Kiki and Lala.
*Who the hell really cares about Hello Kitty. LOL*
Okay, I'm not obsessed.
I mean I don't need my entire room to be decked in Little Twin Star galore.
Even if I've been hunting for Little Twin Star ceiling lights for the longest time.
But I do have enough Little Twin Star stuff that my mom sometimes wonder if I ever grew up, especially when I erupt into squeals when I see them in the shopping malls.
But really. It was a fantastic Little Twin Star cabin luggage.
I swear you would have squealed too.
This year, as a birthday present to myself,
I went and bought myself a pair of Little Twin Star earrings
as well as Little Twin Star nail patches.

Aren't those the cutest earrings ever?!
Unfortunately, I was too excited to use the nail patches,
and forgot to take a pic of them.
And earlier when I was in Japan in April,
I happened to chance upon the pa and Sanrio collaboration for a Kiki and Lala collection!
The collection is called the Kiki and Lala Dreamy Collaboration.
I saw all 6 polishes in Japan, but only stopped to pick up 1 bottle:
Kiki 02 Blue Green.
I only grabbed the bottle because it had Kiki and Lala on the cap and the plastic box it came in.
The colours weren't exactly exciting otherwise,
and in the land of all things kawaii,
after days of seeing tons of pastel polishes,
the Kiki and Lala collection sort of faded into the blur.
But I grabbed most of the nail stickers.
In fact, I had to remind myself not to go gaga and get multiples.
Kiki 02 Blue Green,
3 coats + HK Girl TC.
Heh. I can't see how this one is blue green.
Not when it's a bright baby blue with pretty silver and blue shimmer.
It's a colour that makes me think of Kiki's hair!
Love how its so spot on!
In all honesty I'm quite glad I only picked up this one bottle though. 
The application was less than divine.
This one has most of the issues pastel polishes tend to come with.
Patchy and a little on the thick side.
This was the nail patch that I bought along with my earrings
I took these pictures off Google.
While doing that,
I found out that there's another version of the nail patch.
I'm so going to look for that now.
Although these were the second set of nail patches I bought,
it was the first time that I tried patches.
Did them over the earlier Kiki 02 Blue Green mani:
I think I did pretty okay for a first attempt with nail patches.
Sadly, I wasn't confident enough to try trimming them to fit my nails,
so that meant that I also couldn't deal with better placement of the images.
A couple of the patches were also a wee bit smaller than my actual nails,
but I guess if I had matched my base polish,
it would have been less apparent.
Despite all this,
I loved it!
It stayed on my nails for a good 4 days.
Ok, partly also because I didn't have time for a manicure change,
but boy, was I glad it was at least 4 days of Little Twin Star nails!
And I only changed them because they finally tore when I was feasting on crabs.
I didn't use up the entire set,
but I read that nail patches can dry out after a while.
So I guess, you'll be seeing the remainder of the set pretty soon!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

These are a Few of my Favourite Things: Purple Holos

Of all the different types of polish finishes,
my favourites are crèmes and holos.
Crèmes for the simple reason that they're really good for nail art.

Holos however are just plain awesome.
They're rainbows in a bottle,
rainbows on the nails.
And I love rainbows,
the in-real-life rainbows and the holo rainbows.
Rainbows are just special and magical,
they make me happy with their colours and their presence.
*Any wonder why this is my fave keychain?*
Although I love all shades of holos,
I have a weakness for purple holos.
And purple isn't even my favourite colour at all!
My favourite colour is red,
but my favourite polish shades are green and blue,
but purple holos are THE BEST.

Weird eh?
China Glaze LOL,
from the legendary OMG Collection.
2 coats, no TC
My camera makes it a wee bit more periwinkle than it really is.
Colors by Llarowe Winter 2013,
Woman from Tokyo,
2 coats, no TC.
Dark purple holo.
Too many pictures of purple holo awesomeness.